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Discover more about Diergaarde Blijdorp with a guided tour! Blijdorp has enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides who can tell you a lot about the animals, their care, the history of the zoo, and what happens behind the scenes. With the guide, you'll also visit some spots that you would never see as a regular visitor. Curious? Sign up for a guided tour, either alone or with a group.

Ideal for a family, with or without children aged 5 and up, or as a surprising element of a family celebration. The guides will take you through interesting spots and show you everything involved in animal care.

Discover the diversity of a modern zoo. This tour is specifically for adults who want to learn more about various aspects such as animal diets, medical care, habitat design, and breeding issues. Additionally, this tour introduces you to our botanical side with a behind-the-scenes look in the greenhouses, and you will visit one of our stables. The latest developments within Blijdorp are also discussed during this caregiver tour.

Experience a tour for adults in the Oceanium. What does it take to maintain this aquatic world? Visit, among other things, the impressive filtration systems that purify the 7 million liters of saltwater in the Oceanium. During this tour, you'll discover more about the Oceanium with a view of various aquariums from above.

Price: €3.95 per person.

The tours are possible only thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Blijdorp's volunteer guides. During the tour, attention is also paid to Blijdorp's many nature conservation activities. The Zoo is internationally renowned for its commitment to and contribution to the breeding and conservation of animal species that are severely threatened in the wild. All these projects, of course, cost money. Your support is very much appreciated in this. That's why, in addition to the admission fee, we ask you to contribute €3.95 per person. You can pay this contribution at the cash desks of Diergaarde Blijdorp.

Tours begin at the educational building "De Berg" (the second building on the left next to the Oewanja playground, before the service gate). The Oceanium tour starts at the meeting point "Bass Rock" (near the entrance of the Oceanium).