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At Diergaarde Blijdorp, we see nature and animals as inherently interconnected. We, as humans, are also deeply linked to nature. The nature surrounding us is therefore essential for our well-being.

The relatively calm section of the Zoo, abundant with mature greenery, provides an ideal spot to enjoy a meal or take a moment of respite. Simultaneously, this area serves as the perfect setting to foster awareness, in a fun and interactive manner, about the presence of animals, plants, and ecosystems in our own country and within our own city.

Did you know that the Dalmatian Pelican used to inhabit the Netherlands until the 15th century? We are currently researching suitable habitats in the Netherlands for the reintroduction of the Dalmatian Pelican. We have recently taken on the role of coordinator for the international population management program for this species.
The Dalmatian Pelican became extinct in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages, with the nearest colonies now found in Greece and Bulgaria. Together with several other organizations, Diergaarde Blijdorp is actively involved in a pilot project aimed at rewilding this species in the Netherlands by 2030.

Netherlands and water: they are inseparably connected to each other. The water buffer in front of our entrance serves as a model for a modern, sustainable approach to our water. What can we do ourselves to capture water as efficiently as possible? And how can we find other ways to combat water waste? The five million gardens in the Netherlands represent a significant potential for small-scale nature. By removing tiles in your backyard or creating small front-yard gardens, you can have a substantial impact on local biodiversity.

Through interactive activities and educational narratives, you'll discover the ongoing projects in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. Think of scavenger hunts, outdoor activities like beach or forest clean-ups, school programs, and marketing campaigns. The initiatives and stories that come to life in this part of the zoo can be translated into actions you can take at home.
Diergaarde Blijdorp is building a community of partners and citizens who are working to green the city of Rotterdam and our country. In this impact area, we create a space where people actively and joyfully contribute to the preservation and restoration of nature close to home.

  • In five years, all the permits and paperwork will be in order for the reintroduction of the first Dalmatian pelican.
  • By 2050, there will be a stable population of Dalmatian pelicans in the wild in the Netherlands.

  • In five years, we will have mission-driven workshops with actionable insights. Our goal is to engage 20,000 participants annually in a variety of topics such as increasing biodiversity and becoming a Ranger in their own gardens.
  • In five years, we will be part of and actively participating in the Biodiversity Platform Rotterdam.
  • In five years, 70% of visitors will have adapted their own gardens based on their visit to Diergaarde Blijdorp. -measured by the sale of 50,000 insect hotels. In 2030
  • We will also measure the impact by the number of square meters of removed pavement. Additionally, we will host the National Tile-Wipping Championship
  • In five years, we will have co-authored a manifesto with five Rotterdam-based organizations aimed at promoting greater biodiversity in the city.
  • In five years, we will have established strong collaborations with organizations like Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer, and Groen 010.
  • In 2030, we will have developed partnerships with consumer platforms and initiatives like Dopper to enhance awareness and actionable steps for biodiversity conservation.f.