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In our global mission to restore and preserve habitats, your support plays an essential role. Our projects are vital for protecting endangered species and vulnerable ecosystems. But we cannot do it alone.

By investing in Rotterdam Zoo, you not only support nature conservation but also educational projects that will inspire future generations. To achieve this, we are seeking companies that want to contribute to our projects; the Tree Nursery and the Bonaire Hub. Discover what these projects entail and what your company gets in return for your contributions!

The Himalayan mountain range, one of the most impressive and diverse ecosystems on Earth, is under increasing pressure. With the growing population and the development of infrastructure such as hydroelectric power plants, deforestation is on the rise. This leads to the fragmentation of the habitat of many unique species, including the endangered red panda. If we take action now and implement significant changes, we can still turn the tide.

For this reason, Rotterdam Zoo has initiated the 'Project Tree Nursery,' an initiative where we collaborate with local communities and international partners to restore the habitat of the red panda. This project includes the establishment of Conservation Nurseries in Nepal and India, where native trees are cultivated and later used to reforest degraded areas. These nurseries also empower local communities by involving them in the protection and management of natural resources.

Our goal is to have planted one million trees in the Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor by 2028. This reforestation initiative is crucial for the survival of the red panda and other high-altitude species such as the Pallas's cat, as well as for the preservation of ancient rhododendrons and rare mountain flora like primula.

At Rotterdam Zoo itself, we bring this project to life for our visitors. In our tree nursery, we demonstrate on a small scale how we grow trees that will later be used for reforesting new areas. This hands-on exhibition helps visitors understand the complexity of conservation efforts and showcases the scientific and practical steps required to achieve them.

Whether you run a small or large business, your support is crucial. With a contribution of 3000 euros, we can plant as many as 100 trees and thus make significant changes. For your contribution to the Tree Nursery, you will also receive several benefits:

  • With 1.5 million visitors annually and a strong national online presence, Rotterdam Zoo offers a unique opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience. Your support to Rotterdam Zoo allows you to profile your company to this extensive audience.
  • An invitation to the VIP opening of the Tree Nursery Project at Rotterdam Zoo.
  • Invitation to exclusive events and networking opportunities with like-minded companies supporting Rotterdam Zoo.
  • Knowledge sharing through the engagement of a Rotterdam Zoo speaker (by arrangement).
  • Additionally, you will receive a certificate for the trees planted through your contribution.

We would love to get in touch to discuss the possibilities

Contact Strategic Partnerships:

Natasja Schipper • tel: 06 558 251 28 / tel. 010 4431453