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Despite 2023 being the wettest year ever recorded, Diergaarde Blijdorp attracted almost as many visitors as the year before. The count stopped on December 31st at 1,444,864. A number that the Rotterdam animal and botanical garden is pleased with. For 2024, the expectations are naturally set higher for the most visited zoo in the Netherlands.

With the recently presented Master Plan 2050 in mind, Diergaarde Blijdorp faces a major challenge in the next twelve months: to highlight the new mission and vision and involve visitors in this ambitious story. A story that stands firm and gradually becomes visible in the physical environment within the park.

This year, the Impact Areas and the ten impact animals and plants from the Master Plan 2050 will become increasingly visible. In addition, planning has begun for the restoration of the iconic Riviera Hall. But in 2024, the start of the transition from zoo to nature restoration organization will be the biggest and highest goal. The next step towards becoming an impact organization where species preservation and nature restoration are top priorities.

To achieve this, Blijdorp aims for day visitors and subscribers to find their way to the zoo en masse again in 2024. Therefore, numerous events will be organized. From educational campaigns like the upcoming 'Love in the Animal Kingdom' to enjoying all the beauty during the ZOOmer evenings. Additionally, this year the Rotterdam zoo continues to seek partners committed to the new course. Who, like Diergaarde Blijdorp, have only one goal: together we bring nature back to life.